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BRInj offers several programs for young, aspiring and junior scientists; programs designed to train the next generation of researchers and medical professionals. We believe these programs will attract young students to science, are essential for career development, and will translate into long-term scientific innovation. Support for these programs leads to their continued sustainability.

 Undergraduate Research Program

During an undergraduate research experience, students are integrated into our state-of-the-art laboratory and given the opportunity to work alongside a physician or medical scientist. This high-impact program is designed to give students exposure to cutting-edge research, an appreciation for scientific careers, stimulate academic success, and provide an opportunity to learn research skills.

2014_1_webWhy is this important? We are one of few independent institutes in Morris County offering scientific enrichment to undergraduate students. This program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to be part of the scientific process.

Who Benefits? Undergraduate students who are looking to make an informed decision about whether to pursue a career in research or medicine.

How can you help? Your contribution will cover the costs of research materials, student’s stipends, and mentorship.

 Junior Scientist Early Career Program

Postdoctoral scientists and junior research faculty are at a critical point in their career. They are actively launching new and innovative lines of research, while simultaneously attempting to secure grant funding to support their initiatives. The Junior Scientist Early Career Fellowship program is designed to allow the most promising young PhD and MD scientists to explore their most creative and transformative research ideas, which will hopefully lead to substantial scientific breakthroughs.

Why is this important? Initially, this program increases the likelihood that the most-promising junior scientists will be successful at establishing their own independent research careers, and ensures that their significant contributions to the biological and medical sciences do not go unnoticed. Ultimately, as these careers develop, many others will benefit from their success, such as future students and the population at large.

Who Benefits? Highly-motivated PhD and MD scientists in the early stages of their independent careers.

How can you help? Your contribution will cover the costs of research materials, researcher salaries, and research equipment.

Emerging Opportunities Research Program

The Director’s Research Fund underscores BRInj’s commitment to translate science into clinical practice. The fund is designed to take advantage of the emerging areas in science. It will be used at the discretion of BRInj’s Director and Trustees in support of the recruitment of outstanding faculty, and to invest in the most cutting-edge lines of research with the greatest potential to make a direct patient impact.

AmyJavier_webWhy is this important? Oftentimes, in order to quickly move a therapy or technology into clinical practice, an unexpected novel discovery warrants an immediate and full-scale response. This program provides the capital to rapidly pursue this type of breakthrough. The fund may also be used to recruit senior investigators.

Who Benefits? Initially, this program will support senior investigators, faculty with the most pressing research leads, and patients with unmet medical needs. Ultimately, it will impact the population at large by leading to important treatments and therapies for unmet medical needs.

How can you help? This fund will grow over time, and is an important financial vehicle in support of the longevity and sustainability of BRInj’s research mission.   Your contribution will cover the costs of research materials, equipment, technology, and investigator salaries.

If you are interested in speaking to us directly, would like to discuss giving options, or would like to schedule a tour of BRInj, please contact Stephen Bagen at (973) 294-1387.