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The Biomedical Research Institute of New Jersey (BRInj) is a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to experimental discovery, translational medical science, and the improvement of human health. We are keenly aware of the ever-changing clinical environment, and we recognize the important role that research plays in addressing unmet medical needs.

The Lab and the research team

BRInj is located in a 25,000 sq.ft. building in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey that is outfitted with the latest laboratory technology. Our multidisciplinary research team includes both preclinical scientists, clinicians, and other medical staff; a research ‘melting-pot’ where dedicated scientists from a variety of disciplines are able to benefit from each other’s expertise and knowledge. For example, scientists interested in neonatal stroke may learn valuable brain imaging techniques from experts studying Alzheimer’s disease, and preclinical scientists developing new therapies for Parkinson’s disease can learn more about the effects of the disease on patients and their families. BRInj is a dynamic and interactive research center.

Studies and funding

BRInj participates in investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated studies, and receives funding from a variety of extramural sources, including NIH. Nonetheless, the role of private funding is essential to the welfare and success of BRInj. Investments in research can yield high returns for individuals and for society as a whole. We hope that you will join us in our pursuit to resolve some of today’s toughest medical challenges.