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Chris Lee, PhD

Faculty Scientist


Faculty Scientist

Dr. Lee joined MANA in 2017 after an accomplished tenure at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Lee’s research interests include studying and understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in disease pathogenesis, such as neurodegenerative conditions, genetic disorders and congenital abnormalities. Over the past decade, Dr. Lee has actively engaged in and led numerous projects aimed at developing novel assays and therapeutics; all with the end goal of better understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease and identifying new targets involved in disease pathology. He also has extensive experience in preclinical development and characterization of therapeutics.

Recently, Dr. Lee has initiated several new projects related to neonatology and formed several collaborations with MANA clinicians. For example, he is developing novel assays suitable for the routine and scalable analysis of biomolecules in human breastmilk, investigating therapeutics to treat inherited lysosomal storage disorders, and designing in vivo experiments to study the regulation of bile acids in preterm infants.


PhD:  Chinese University of Hong Kong
BS:  Chinese University of Hong Kong
Postdoctoral Training: Neuroscience, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine


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