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Run for Research Fundraiser – September 4, 2015

Friday, September 4th

Before medicine can be used to save lives, it must pass through the walls of a laboratory where dedicated scientists spend many years doing research in order to understand a disease. This process is grueling and timely, but leads to safe and effective therapies for those affected by disease. For this reason, the BRInj Undergraduate Summer Students from 2015 are running to support research initiatives at BRInj. Their goal is to run 500 miles in 5 weeks and to raise $5,000. Your donation will help fund advances in science and medicine at BRInj. Join our students as they Run for Research!

Please visit the Run for Research Donation Page.


100% of the funds raised during the Run for Research campaign will be used to advance research at BRInj. BRInj is a 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax deductible.