At BRInj we recognize the importance of helping to train the next generation of young scientists and clinicians, and we’ve seen first-hand the value that motivated undergraduate students can add to our research program. Interest in our Undergraduate Research Program has grown steadily, owing in part, to the nature of the research experience students are given at BRInj and the continued success of program participants in science and medical fields.

Regretfully, the Undergraduate Summer Research Program will not be offered in 2017.  We hope to bring the program back in the future!

In 2014, we invited 6 undergraduate students to join our research program for the summer and in 2015 that number rose to 10 undergraduate researchers.  You can learn more about these students and their research projects on Facebook.

2017 Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Program Details:  The Undergraduate Summer Research Program has been suspended for 2017.  We look forward to bringing the program back in the future!

Contact Aimee Herdt, PhD, with questions about the Undergraduate Research Program